Project ADD

I’m a 6th grade English LA teacher, and I’m on my very first Summer vacation. I’ve always had a million things going on at once. While I was in college, I was working full time. While I am teaching, I am planning, grading, re-planning, going to meetings, etc. Now that I have all this time on my hands, I feel the need to keep myself busy like I’ve always been. The problem is, I have too many things I want to be doing. And in response to all these things going on in my mind, I end up doing absolutely nothing. Or, I start something and realize that there are so many other things I want to be doing that I get frustrated, and once again, I end up doing absolutely nothing. 

Here is a list of things that I really want to get to:

-write a book

-finish the cross stitch project I started probably 2 years ago

-finish the latch hook project I started when I was probably 12 or 13 years old

-start the painting project for the baby’s room (I’m 17 weeks pregnant)

-exercise every day

-meditate every day

-finish the book, Dreamcatcher

-come up with a family budget

-plan for next year (teaching)

-continue to make my jewelry so I have enough to reopen a store on Etsy

And the list goes on… I’m feeling really overwhelmed with all the things I want to do. I like being busy, so that’s not really the problem. I think the issue comes when I begin all these things, and I never finish them. They are always looming overhead. 

I’ve never really been one to stick to a to do list. I plan things out, but I don’t follow my plans. I’m stuck in a rut. 

Maybe I’ll meditate, or draw, or exercise, or write. Or, maybe I’ll just sit here and think about it for a while. Hmmmm…