Erotic Hippos

Last week, my husband and I went next door to hang out with our neighbors. We were talking and having fun, and everything was going well. That is, until the guy started talking about putting hippos in the neighborhood park. All I could think about were these random hippos chilling in the mucky water…and I started to laugh. Who would put random hippos at a park? Anyways, I was trying to control my giggle while the guy was still talking. Out of nowhere, he says something about putting even Imagemore “erotic” animals at the park so people would visit. I’m sure he meant ‘exotic’, but I completely lost control and laughed out loud–as did my husband. Out of nowhere, the guy freaks out screaming at us for laughing at him, almost gets in a physical altercation with my husband, and kicks us out. I tried to explain that we weren’t laughing at him, but at the mix-up in words, but nothing helped. The guy obviously has some issues, but I’m sad that I may have lost a friend along the way. I guess sometimes things just work out like that.