I survived hide and seek

I just finished reading this article, titled Why your kids shouldn’t play hide and seek, from http://www.momtastic.com, that presented an interesting view of a childhood game that many of us grew up with. Hide and seek used to be one of my favorite games when I was young, along with a nighttime version we called “sneaks.” The article suggested that we consider the negative consequences of the game such as promoting secretive play and encouraging children to hide and not come out, not to mention the fact that younger children may not be able to differentiate between hiding for real and hiding for pretend. The article did present an interesting opinion that I had never heard before, but I’m just not convinced that hide and seek could be detrimental to any child’s psychological development. I played hide and seek, and I survived.

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And we’re back

Good morning fellow teachers! I hope everyone had a restful and relaxing summer. I don’t know about anyone else, but I still get anxious on the first day of school. I’ve chewed my nails down to almost nothing and every dream I had last night was about something going wrong in class…or about different ways I could teach this year. I just could not shut my brain off last night. Surprisingly, I didn’t have any dreams about forgetting kids’ names. Maybe it’s because I know it will probably take me two to three week to learn all their names anyways, and another two weeks or so to stop mixing kids up.

What are your tricks for learning kids’ names?

What interesting get-to-know-you activities do you have planned for the first week of school?